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What a Ritualist Told Me about Some Billionaires Paying N2m to Ladies to Sleep With Dogs – Kemi Olunloyo



Investigative journalist, Kemi Olunloyo, has revealed what a ritualist told her regarding young ladies sleeping with dogs for the sum of two million naira..

It’s no longer news that some girls now indulge in the act of sleeping with dogs for cash rewards.

Reports have it that ‘runs girls’ are contacted and given 1.5million naira to sleep with some clients’ dog while they record and watch.

The ongoing issue has caused an uproar and controversial Kemi Olunloyo has weighed in on it.

Few hours ago, Kemi took to her official Twitter page to recall what a ritualist told her during their interview in 2014 at the Herbalist market in Ibadan.

According to her, the ladies involved are said to be sponsored by billionaires who would pay to see them sleep with canines. Also, the rich men engaged in the ‘ritual’ act to make money from it.

She claimed some ladies are believed to make as much as 2 million naira every night by sleeping with the rich men’s dogs.

Kemi also backed up her claims by revealing that she knows of one Baba Ahmed who has a stall in the market where he sells animal skin hides and weird plants. According to her, she went to buy Agbo for her skin when she bumped into Baba Ahmed’s stall full of several dead and dried animals, adding that what she saw was highly disturbing.

She added that a lady who confessed to partaking in the act slept with seven dogs for ten million naira, and Baba Ahmed said it’s for the seven days of the week.

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