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Pr0stitution Is A Calling From God – $ex Worker Shares Story



A $ex worker named Rochelle Grace (pseudo name) claims that prostitution is a divine calling from God..

A documentary by TV3 saw the host and newscaster Portia Gabor interviewing a sex worker who shared her story of how she became a sex worker and some of the side effects of the job.

During the interview, Rochell Grace told Portia Gabor that being a prostitute is not an easy task. She stated that the task is a calling from God. “This job is a calling. If God doesn’t call you to do this work, you cannot do it. I don’t even know how it started. I just realized I was doing prostitution”.

According to Rochelle, she has been a sex worker for 10 years but has gained nothing from the job. She stated that the streets has stolen everything from her including her pride. “The street has my pride and all I have. Everything is gone. If I have anything left, God will decide, but I don’t”, she said.

Rochelle who was introduced to prostitution by her friends sadly disclosed that she has nothing to show for her work after 10 years of being on the streets.

Rochelle however disclosed to the journalist that she plans to establish her own company because she can’t continue selling her body.

“In 10 years of abuse, I have nothing to show the world. Nothing, I simply have a lease and if I don’t pay it, I’ll be evicted. This is my room, there is no luggage here. Nothing, nothing to show for all the stress. My childhood desire was to be a lawyer or a CID but I never had the chance”, she added.

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