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“My Dad Promised Me Death After He Comes Out Of Prison” – A Girl Who Had A Child With Her Father Narrates (Details below)



Joyce Waithera of Naivasha has bitterly described how her biological father began abusing her while she was in class seven by caressing her body parts and subsequently slept with her, after which she gave birth to a child.

According to Joyce, this lasted until she completed class eight, but she never told her mother because her father threatened her, making her afraid to inform anybody.

She claims that after class eight, she did well because she enjoyed studying, and her father took advantage of this by asking her to sleep with him if she wanted him to pay her secondary school costs.

Joyce claims that she agreed because she wanted to study and knew that even if her father wouldn’t pay her school fees, her mother wouldn’t mind, so she got pregnant and dropped out.

She hasn’t informed anybody who the father of the kid is, and when her mother inquired, she never told her. After she gave birth, she told her father she wanted to go back to school, but he made her agree to give him another baby, which she rejected.

Joyce went to the head office to report him, and after her father was jailed, she claims that when her mother was brought to the office, she was stunned to hear the news and passed out.

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During the court hearing, her father attempted to deny that he was not the father, but the DNA results showed that he is the father 99.99 percent of the time, and she was sentenced to 17 years in prison. She claimed that she wanted her father to be imprisoned for life because she promised him that once he was released, he would kill her.

Joyce claims that she does not get along with her mother because she blames her of having an affair with her husband; yet, she has begged with her mother to forgive her since she needs her so much because she is still traumatized even after counseling, particularly when she sees the kid.

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