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“My Bishop Impregnated Me After I Went For Deliverance And I Tried To Get Rid Of It 7 Times But This Happened” – Alice Narrate (Details below)



Alice, a mother of three children, has narrated her story, what led her to seek for deliverance and how she was fooled by her pastor, who got her pregnant and refused to take responsibility.

Because of hardship and domestic violence, Alice left her first husband. She left her marriage and started working in a night club. She started going out with one of her regular customers after she got pregnant. He disappeared and never showed up.

She decided to find a solution to her miserable life, so she told her cousin about her predicament. Her cousin told her she was possessed and should go for deliverance to cleanse her life. Her cousin took her to her church, where she met the church bishop, who prayed for her and asked her to come back in three days for deliverance.

Alice went for deliverance. After deliverance, the bishop told her the holy spirit told him that she was his second wife. Alice accepted and went out with him. They slept together as the new wife and she was. Alice got pregnant, told the bishop he denied being the father and asked her to abort the baby. Alice went to different hospitals, but after 7 attempts, the baby refused to be aborted and the bishop refused to take responsibility.

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Alice said her baby is 10 years old now and the bishop never contributed anything to raising the baby, claiming he was not the father. Alice said the bishop is still ministering in his church and doing deliverance.

Alice calls on people to help beg the bishop to take responsibility for his baby. Life is very difficult for her as a mother of three children. She wants the bishop to help raise his child. What kind of pastors do we have these days and do they perform this deliverance and see visions. What do you Alice should do?

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