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Moment zoo keeper has finger ripped off by lion after sticking his hand into cage(Video)



A zoo guide was left in excruciating pain after trying to show off his playing skills with a lion while on duty..

Some tourists had thronged the St. Elizabeth zoo in Jamaica and one of the zoo attendants who was taking the visitors around decided to play with one of the lions in the full glare of the visitors.

Unfortunately, the attempts to entertain and impress the tourists did not go as planned as the attendant’s finger got locked in the mouth of the hungry lion.

After sticking his hand through the chain-linked lion’s cage, the Zoo attendant paid the ultimate pay when his right ring finger was partially bitten off.

According to sources, the event occurred at about 4:22 p.m. on Friday, May 20 and the terrible scene was captured on camera.

Watch the video below;

Below are some reactions that trailed the video –

db_naturals_ wrote;

But why are you standing that close to a lion? You think say na Bollywood?

mrlilgaga wrote;

Now the lion has tasted human blood, will want more and too dangerous. Needs to be sent into the deep Bush or we risk the lives of visitors and workers

_chynwe wrote;

Now you have a story to tell your kids, people act foolishly. If you like lie and say you were helping Samson to fight lion.

vivian__chidimma wrote;

You never feed lion,you dey give am your hand he’ll surely bite the fingers that fed him.

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