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Man Sentenced To 10-Years In Jail For Pouring Acid On Lover



A 34-year-old young man identified as Bright Boso has been sentenced to 10-years in jail by the High Court in Accra for pouring acid on his girlfriend on suspicion of infidelity..

The incident is said to have happened at Ashongman Estate at Dome Kwabena Constituency in the Greater Accra Region.

The victim, Grace Amezando who spoke about her ordeal in the studios of Angel FM’s Anoopa Bofo Morning Show disclosed that she lived with her lover Bright for 7 years and has two children together.

She disclosed that their relationship was going smoothly until her lover Bright accused her of infidelity.

“When we met at the beginning we were living good but after three years he started abusing me and accusing me of having sexual affair with the area boys. So I talked to him to calm down since there was no iota of truth in the accusations.”

“I ended up complaining about his attitudinal change to his close friends to talk to him to put a stop to his behavior but it did not yield any positive results because it became worse”, Grace said

According to the victim, she had to quit her job as a hotel attendant after giving birth to her first child. She disclosed that she started doing laundry for people in their homes while taking care of the children.

She revealed that her lover lost it when she informed him she wanted to move back to her family’s house to enable them to cater for the child while she searches for a job.

“I told him that I wanted to go back to my family and that will enable me get someone to take care of the kids in the house so I can find something to doing for him to also work and save money to come and perform my marriage rites before I go back and stay with him”

When I told him of my plans, he became annoyed and started accusing me that I had seen a new man thus my decision. He threatened that I will soon be rendered as an old woman but I took it as normal and only responded that every individual will grow old”.

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Bright reportedly came home at midnight on the 13th of May,2021 where he poured the acid on the face and body of his lover and on the children. The victim suffered an injury to the eye and burns on her face, chest, breasts, and two arms.

Bright has been sentenced to10 years in prison for assault.

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