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Lady Appreciates Her Boyfriend For Changing Her Life Within Six Months As They Move Into New House



A young woman identified as Rosie is literally counting her blessings after she and her boyfriend moved into the new apartment he bought for them barely six months after they started dating..

Rosie used the moment to appreciate the unnamed guy after and said since they romantic crossed in November 2021, he has transformed her life for the better.

According to the excited lady, they both moved into the new house in May 2022. She declared her love for him especially because he has made her life better.

She then shared a photo of them each holding a key to the apartment while appreciating the gains they have made together as a couple.

She tweeted; ”We met in November now we got our crib in May.. I love my boyfriend so much he literally changed my life around for the better 💕 Cheers to starting our life together.”

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