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“I Will Never Forgive My Parents For What They Did To Me” – 22yrs Old Girl Narrate (Details below)



In an interview with Afrimax English, Emerita a 22-year-old amputee reveals how her parents greatly wronged her and why she doesn’t think she will ever forgive them.

Edujandon.com gathered that Emerita was born normal and she lived with her parents until she turned 3. When she was 3 years old, she fell sick and was rushed to the hospital where she was injected with a substance that made her condition worse

After a few days in the hospital, her body started developing huge black spots and her legs started swelling causing her pains. Because her parents come from a place that believes in the existence of witchcraft, they assumed that Emerita was bewitched.

Instead of seeking better medical service, Emerita’s parents started quarreling and eventually parted ways and she was left with her grandmother. Her condition became worse and her legs had to be amputated.

Speaking with Edujandon.com reporters, Emerita said she still doesn’t understand why her parents abandoned her when she needed them the most. She said growing up without her parents, she has suffered untold hardship and she will never forgive them for abandoning her.

She also said she doesn’t know what her father looks like and it has been several years since her mother last checked up on her. She, however, said after she got enrolled in a school that had other disabled people, she has learned and developed self-acceptance and she is chasing her dream which is to become the best fashion designer in the world.

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She added that she also learned that disability is not inability and she will keep fighting until she achieves success. After the first story about Emerita which was published by Afrimax went viral, several kind-hearted people reached out to support her through the Givinglife foundation.

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