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“I Will Never Forget That Night” – Pastor Shares Painful Story Of How His Wife And 3 Children Died Same Night (Video below)



Pastor Jediel Munoru has recounted the fateful day in March 2022 when he lost his wife and three kids in a house fire. He says that it started like any normal day until he started receiving very many calls from people asking about his whereabouts.

Although the case remains unsolved,

suspicions are high that someone lit the house from the outside so that those who were inside could not escape. When Pastor Jediel Munoru left his home for Isiolo on a prayer and fasting session, nothing prepared him for the harsh reality that he would come back to bury his wife and three children.

The four were burnt alive in their house in what is suspected to be a case of arson, a moment that flung the Man of God’s life into never-ending grief.

In an interview, the pastor said that he is yet to heal nor understand the events surrounding the untimely deaths but maintains that he forgave the people behind it.

Everything seemed normal

Before tragedy struck, Munoru says that everything seemed normal and there was no sign that things would go horribly wrong in a few hours.

He had hosted a successful crusade from February 25 to 27 at Kigotiini where his church was celebrating its first anniversary.

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It is only when he started receiving an extremely high number of calls from people asking about his whereabouts that he knew something was not right.

The call that changed everything

Not long after, the call that turned his life upside down forever came in; his house had burned down with his family members inside.

“When I got there, a large crowd had gathered outside my house. Everyone was trying to calm me down but it wasn’t an easy moment for me,” he said.

That is when he learnt that he had lost his wife, whom he got married to in 2001, and three children in the house fire.

Neighbours maintained that they couldn’t put a finger on the cause of the fire as the house had no electricity and solar could not burn it down.

Case remains unsolved

According to observations, someone lit the house from the outside in a way that those who were inside could not escape.

“They died a painful death while screaming and wailing. Investigations into the case have not borne any fruits and those arrested could not be charged due to lack of enough evidence,” he said painfully.

From five children and a big house, Munoru is only left with two children with whom he now shares a small 10 by 8 room.

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He says that two months since he buried his loved ones , he has not been able to get back to his normal self and resume duty fully.

“The kids keep on having flashbacks about their mum. If I need to travel on a mission I have to find someone to keep them company since it’s not easy,” he concluded.

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