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“I Can’t Go Back To Africa” – Nigerian Man Commits Suicide In Italy After Being Denied Residency (Details below)



Africa has become a nation which is unbearable for most citizens.People complain day in and out of poor living conditions,lack of job and wide spread of poverty.Most Africa leaders make Africa a living hell which prompt most people to seek greener pastures else where.

A 25-year-old Nigerian man has committed suicide in Italy after after his request for a residency permit in the country was rejected.

The migrant identified as Prince Jerry committed suicide by jumping under a moving train in Tortona, Genoa, Italy.

The Biochemistry graduate arrived in Italy, by sea, in 2016, after a long trip through the desert to Libya.

Monsignor Giacomo Martino, the head of association Migrants, said on Thursday that Jerry had requested for the permit on humanitarian grounds.

The message was subsequently shared on social media Wednesday night and published by local newspapers on Thursday.

Jerry’s funeral will be held Friday morning, at the Chiesa dell’Annunziata in Genoa.

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