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Dear Men, Questions To Never Ask A Girl Because She Might Hate You And Number 4 Is compulsory (Details below)



Dear Men, we women are not like you and even though we are equal to you in every way, we think differently. What might sound completely harmless and honest to you can be life-shattering and ground-breaking for us. It’s better to be safe than being sorry later, right? So here is a list of some questions you should never ask a woman, no matter how eager you are to know the answer.

If there’s one thing that most men eventually learn in life, it’s that sometimes it’s better to say nothing at all. And this lesson is arguably best applied when it comes to asking women certain questions. You may have already realized this the last time you asked a girl how old she was or worse, how much she weighed

1. Are you a virgin?Gentlemen, If you really don’t want to get beaten up, then don’t even think about this question, let alone say it out loud. How does it matter if we have had sex before or not. This really shouldn’t make a difference to your life, let alone anybody else’s.

2. Will you come and visit me?Why will you ask a lady to come and see you while you are the man, definitely she will start thinking you have a plan to do something to her.8. It’s been 5 months after delivery, but still why your stomach looks like you are pregnant?

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3. A man should never ask a woman how men she has slept with, as this shows that he is suffering from insecurity.

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