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Prophet Jeremiah Sells “Master Key” He Claimed To Have Received Directly From God For Huge Amounts of Money (Details below)



Insiders in Mercy City Jeremiah’s church have revealed that the keys of the Kingdom are being sold for 100,000 naira each to members.

A few days ago Prophet Jeremiah had released a video where he claimed to have received the keys of the Kingdom of heaven directly from God.

In Matthew chapter 16 verse 19,Jesus had told his disciples that he will give them the keys of the Kingdom. It is this same key that Jeremiah said he received directly from God.

I will like to say that Jesus never gave out physical keys to his disciples. When he mentioned the keys of the Kingdom, he was simply referring to principles of the Kingdom which we as believers are to live by(you can check my wall for the extensive post I made on that topic).

This ploy by Jeremiah to sell keys to his members is simply an initiation into witchcraft and occultism. It is also alarming to note that all the seasoned men of God and mega GOs are pretending not to notice this charade. None has spoken out against it. They are all quiet but let DF mention tithe they will all come out. I guess they are quiet because they also operate occultic shrines and won’t want their own secrets exposed by Jeremiah.

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It is now left to people like me on facebook to warn God’s children about charlatans and the dangerous pretensions of quacks.

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