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Meet Sister Osinachi Nwachukwu’s Three Sons: He Will Ask Her to go N@ked While he Asked The Children to Join Him Beat Her (Details below)



He will ask her to go naked while he asked the children to join him beat her

Now, una no get Mama again

Has he not raised another Generation of wife beaters?

If this was true, then, don’t you think the kids have cursed themselves already?

He would threaten her host whenever she got an invite

Amidst the pain of this sad news I learnt three things

Please sir/ma if the Abused confides in you

Do not listen to their plea of “don’t tell anybody,” He will change, God is working on him already.

Pls go against their plea and report to relevant authorities ( let them be angry with you. It is better than WHY DIDN’T SHE LEAVE)

This is because the abused is too helpless to help themselves

They most times see life through the lense of self pity

The abuser and the pain of the abuse they have endured and mastered overtime have made them believe that their abuser is so strong and nobody can do anything to them

Bundle them out against their plea.

Your Pastor may not necessarily be your Marriage counsellor

Speak with a Marriage counselor and heed to their instructions.

Never hide any truth from them because they are going to advice you based on what they hear. So you donot risk taking the wrong advice

Say it just the way it is to your counsellor..

Separate. Separation is not Divorce yet. So, separate from your abused marriage and home

Go seek for safety first before you pray for your marriage. Never stay praying in an abusive marriage else nah your funeral people go help you answer amen!

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