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I Was Forced To See My Mother’s Nakedness When I Was Little Because No One Came To Help Me When She Was Sick – Woman Tells Her Painful Story (Details below)



A woman by the name Wambui, who is also a gospel artist, has narrated the painful journey she went through alone when her mom was sick. She was forced to clean her mother’s wound on her stomach because no one came to help her.

She was the only child her mother had. She was born following her father’s death. Things got much worse for her family. After her father died of sickness, it didn’t take long for her mother to fall sick. She was diagnosed with stomach cancer with no money to pay for her mother’s chemotherapy. Life got much more difficult when everyone rejected them and deserted them as if they were not human beings.

Her mother had a wound on her stomach that never healed. Her stomach was open, and because no one else was there to assist her, she was left to clean and treat the wound. When her aunts came to visit, they couldn’t stay long after witnessing her mother’s terrible condition.

She was just 8 years old when her mother’s health worsened to the point that she was unable to use the bathroom because she could not walk or stand, and she was obliged to bathe and change her. She said she was forced to see her mother’s nakedness and womb while bathing her and cleaning her womb. After some time, her grandfather took her to the hospital, where she died after a week.

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She moved in with her aunt, who abused her to the last. After high school, she moved out and stayed with her friends. She was in need of love, but she was unable to find it. No one showed her love or cared for her.

She got pregnant with a man. She gave birth to a baby girl, but the man vanished. Till now, no where to be found. Her firstborn child has no one to look after her, and her mother’s family has even tried to sell her mother’s properties that she left. They managed to sell some of their lands and houses.

She claimed to be all alone today, with just her child, as family members sold off everything her parents left because she’s a girl and the only child. She has warned her relatives not to abandon or abuse orphans since they are their blood.

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