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Angry Man Attempts Suicide Inside Banking Hall After Finding Out About What Happened To This Money (Details below)



A bank official’s quick action prevented a disgruntled customer from killing himself within the banking hall. The dramatic occurrence occurred in Nigeria, where cybercriminals allegedly broke into a customer’s bank account and stole his funds.

Floyd Nzeogwu Mordi, a Facebook user who posted a video of the incident, claimed that the hackers obtained access to the man’s account and took about N450,000.

The accused fraud victim then went to his bank, filed a complaint, and the hackers’ account was located and frozen.

He was told he needed to go to court to get an affidavit to establish he wasn’t the one who committed the alleged fraud.

However, after receiving the required court papers, the bank notified him that the hackers’ bank account had been unfrozen and the funds had been given to them.

He strangled himself with a wire around his neck, screaming and committing suicide, unable to accept the unfortunate turn of events.

The footage of the incident shows personnel from the United Bank For Africa (UBA) Iju branch in Lagos rescuing and soothing the enraged customer.

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