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Soon There Won’t Be Oxygen – Rudeboy Says As He Lists The Things Lacking In Nigeria



Singer Rudeboy has made a list of the things lacking in Nigeria saying very soon they will be left with no oxygen to break since everything is scary now..

Africa as a continent has issues but Nigeria seems to be having more issues than all the other African countries as the citizens are always complaining and Rudeboy has made a list of the things they lack.

According to him, they don’t have light as a country and no better roads not to talk about the security systems in Nigeria as it’s very bad and there’s no potable water for them to even drink or use for their daily activities.

Rudeboy then added that since they don’t have access to social amenities to make their lives easy, they will soon lack oxygen as soon there won’t be any oxygen for them to breathe and we wonder what will happen next if it gets to that stage.

Guess Rudeboy forgot to add fuel scarcity to the list as that seems to be the main issue today in Nigeria and people are fighting each other just for fuel to go on with their daily activities.

screenshot below;

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