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Meet The Only Daughter of A President Who Dresses So Simple And Always without makeup (Photos)



Ngina Kenyatta embraces simplicity at its best, despite hailing from a noble family. She holds a degree in international relations and politics and has astounded many people with the way she has managed to maintain her looks, from her natural hair to avoiding makeup. She loves wearing her natural hair.

Her photos have managed to surface online and, as seen in most of her photos, she seems to be a caring, humble, loving person who doesn’t like wearing makeup or artificial beautifiers and seems to be enjoying her life to the fullest..

Well, if you don’t know her, she’s the only daughter of Kenya’s president. She’s married now, and she has her own restaurant. She’s also a business woman. People always think of her as an illiterate because she doesn’t wear make-up or plait her hair. She likes being natural.

If by chance you meet her on the road, you will think she’s a commoner because of her fashion style. She dresses so simply, despite the fact that her father is the President of the United States; she doesn’t wear expensive clothes or hair, and you’ll never see her with make-up.

Indeed, she’s beautiful. Now I agree that beauty is not all about facial looks. Some people have an inner beauty. Despite her riches, you can swear she’s a humble human with a beautiful soul. Beauty is not all about wearing makeup, having big buttons, or being disrespectful. Beauty is all about humility and humanness.

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