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Poverty Makes People Feel They Can’t Do Surgery – BBNaija’s Khloe Advises Women To Fix Their Bodies



BBNaija reality show star Khloe has advised women to fix their bodies if they have the money as poverty is what makes people say they won’t go under the knife to fix their bodies..

Khloe is one of those who have gone under the knife to fix their bodies and has been backlashed for that but seems not bothered as she feels comfortable in her new body looking at how banging and attractive she is now.

Speaking in an interview, Khloe talked about how she felt when she went to do her body and her reaction when she was done and saw the changes in her body she was so astonished to see her body looking perfect and banging.

Khloe then advised women to fix their bodies if they have the money because poverty is the reason why most women say they can’t do surgery to fix their body since it’s nothing worse for a woman to fix her body by removing some fat.

People are now beginning to see that fixing one’s body is to boost the confidence of the woman and now doing surgery to fix your body is becoming normal as almost everyone is trying to do it if only they can afford it.

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