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Suspicious Husband Tests His Wife’s Male Bestie To See If He Is After Her



A Nigerian man has narrated how the husband of his friend tested him to see if he is one of the men after her.
The ma identified on Twitter as Sanwo Abiola and uses the handle @kemisanwo disclosed that during his conversation with the person he thought was the married woman, he got ‘I love you’ put him in a state of shock..

According to him, he woke up this morning to see another message telling him how he has passed the test not knowing it was friend’s husband who acted like his wife.

Sharing a screenshot of the chat they had on Whatsapp, Sanwo Abiola expressed how irritated he is because if he had known about this, he would given responded with erotic messages that would give him high blood pressure.

Read his post below;

His narration has draw a myriad of mixed feelings from Instagram users who chided the man for putting up a weak test.

@teenah_01 wrote: Test is even weak🤣😂, do you know if he’s surprised she’s saying it to him after a long time😂😂😂

@hayuur: This man is petty af, talk to your partner about any trust issue. Don’t go around making a fool of yourselves 😒😒😒😒

@tife_fabunmi wrote; Ah! It’s like her husband doesn’t like his mental health 😂😂 if you test some people, what you’ll get will give you headache plus fever 🤣

@paschalpepper wrote; This is very dangerous o. If you don see waiting you dey find your body go tell you 😂😂😂😂

@sophisticated_short wrote; The test is too short. Someone you are having affair with can still send 😳😳😳

@oluseunsakaba wrote; ‘Low self esteem 😏😏imagine someone reply I love u 2 ..dat would have been problem 4 her..

@ohlar wrote; Imagine… The hunter does not want to become the hunted or the prey😂😂. Insecurity in his own house😂😂😂

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