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Wonder Shall Never End! After Setting From Prisoners Free Yesterday, See What ESN Tried To Steal From Imo Police Headquarter (Details below)



Recently police had the option to build up that the shooters who did the assault on Imo Police Command Headquarters and the Nigerian Correctional Service, Owerri, were individuals from the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

On Monday, Nigerians woke up to the stunning news that the police order base camp and the remedial offices had been assaulted, detainees set free, and vehicles left there set on fire. It was accounted for that the activity began from around 1 am and went on for around two hours.

In a proclamation which was given by the Police Public Relations Officer, CP Frank Mba, for the benefit of the Inspector- General of Police, Mohammed Adamu, the IG of Police said that the ESN men accompanied modern weapons to do the assault.

In the articulation, the police additionally uncovered something very upsetting, which has made many puzzles over whether this was one of the essential reasons the ESN men assaulted the police base camp.

The police uncovered that when ESN men assaulted the police order base camp, they attempted to access the police arsenal to break in and take the ordnance, yet luckily, the cops on the ground had the option to oppose them and keep them from plundering the ordnance. As indicated by the police explanation, the ordnance is flawless, and another uplifting news was that no cop lost his life and no genuine injury was supported during the assault, aside from the minor shot injury a police constable supported on his shoulder during the assault.

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Simply envision what might have occurred if the ESN men had prevailed with regards to plundering the police ordnance, unquestionably they would have been more prepared to keep doing their monstrous exercises in the South- East, and it’ s uplifting news that the cops had the option to stop them.

Then, the IG has found a way genuine ways to guarantee the lawbreakers are followed and made to confront the law. He has requested the prompt organization of Police Mobile Force and other Police Tactical Squads to Imo to amplify security there, and forestall further assaults on security offices and other public foundations in the state.

He has additionally guided Imo State Commissioner of Police to take the fight to the doorsteps of the crooks to keep something like this from occurring in the state once more.

Another uplifting news is that the police had the option to recuperate one of the operational vehicles having a place with the assailants, and they are presently exposing the vehicle to legal examinations. So we should trust, that with that recuperation, the police will want to find the lawbreakers soon.

The ESN bunch has completed a few barbarities since the time it was set up by the IPOB pioneer Nnamdi Kanu. In the previous weeks, the police have captured a few hoodlums who dispatched assaults on security agents in the South- East, and some of them admitted to being individuals from ESN and IPOB. So envision the degree of harm they would have kept on releasing if they had to prevail with regards to plundering the police ordnance. We recognize the police for their dauntlessness in opposing them in their endeavor yesterday.

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What do you figure the security agents ought to do to end the exercises of ESN in the South- East? As you reveal to us your brain, kindly offer the article with the goal that others can contribute as well.