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FINALLY EXPOSED! Muhammadu Buhari Should Come And Talk To Us, Because We Helped Him Become President- Bandits Confess



Banditry, kidnapping are now becoming rampant in Nigeria, many Nigeria is now scared of going about their duties due to the high rate of insecurity in the country. Over the weeks we have heard havoc caused by these bandits, starting from the kidnapping of the kagura secondary school student who is yet to regain their freedom.

News about banditry has put Nigerians in great fear as no one knows the reason for their wicked acts. However, an armed bandit threatening purity in the Northwestern part of Nigeria has finally given reasons on when they would seize fire and embrace peace.

Some journalists who had special access to bandits camp at Sububu forest located between Zamfara and Sokoto states, Sububu forest borders between Sabon Birni in Sokoto, Shinkafi, and Maradun in Zamfara share their experiences.

According to reports of some Journalists, who visited the bandits camp led by one Halilu Sububu, confessed that tons of armed Fulani terrorists operate in this forest with various rifles hung over their shoulders and moving on strong motorcycles.

“Bandits operating here, horrify places like Rabah, Sabon Birni, and Isa in Sokoto state. Other places are Zumi, Shinkafi, and Maradun in Zamfara State. ”

In an interview, the bandit leader disclosed why they took up arms as a means of survival/livelihood.

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According to him, they became terrorists because they’ re herders and despite the money in Nigeria they (Fulani’ s) are not being carried along. He also revealed that his people supported the present government and felt Buhari would change the country which made them accept talk but it seems the current government can resolve it.

He said that during the Government of Abacha as President, pastoralists were being nurtured because there was allowance in the budget for the Nomadic communities but everything differed when Obasanjo came to power in 1999.

When inquired that does it mean the Abacha government took maintenance of the Fulani people during his time as head of state, Halilu said that it is true but the successive government of Obasanjo, late Yar’ adua and Goodluck Jonathan quit looking after them and forest grazing areas were taken over from the Fulanis.

Also, the bandit leader said that President Muhammadu Buhari should see it as an issue of dignity and personally come and direct the talks with them because the agreement has been breached.

He went on by announcing that the president should be able to do this because when he was campaigning he traveled all over. He asked, why can’ the does it now?

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He said President Buhari does not take the peace talks seriously and due to that people are being killed every day in the northern party of the country.