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Serious Issue As Young Lady Tries To Return To Her Ex-Boyfriend After He Came Back From Abroad (See Chat below)



This pandemicity is making most of the young men and women both single and married, young and old do things that are not normal, it has got to a point that both genders are forcing each other upon themselves, social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, whatsapp has been the medium to carry out such act it is now a trending agenda in my beloved country, day after day, week upon weeks, you will come across exposed individual messages online without talking much let discuss this out.

This is a young lady who broke up with her man for another man who she is willing to settle down with, unfortunately or fortunately for her, this pandemic made it necessary for the wedding to be postponed, we don’t know what came to her head, she decided to get intouch with her ex which she dumped regretting why she dumped him and she said it was her cousin that gave her bad advice which let to that but she still want them to make it out but he finally blocked her.

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