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“I Got Paid 10 Million Dollars To Pretend I Had COVID-19” – Rapper, AKA



South African rapper named AKA in a tweet came out and said that he was paid to pretend to have COVID-19.
On his twitter page last year, he wrote that he was paid by WHO ie the World Health Organization to make his test results being known to the public.

His fans were made known by him that he received an amount of 55million Rands to disclose his test results..

Last Wednesday night he came out again on his Twitter page that he was paid 10 Million Dollars to pretend to the deadly coronavirus

Read the exchange below;

Fan: “why did you tell people to vote for @CryilRamaphosa, then he stole R500 Billion. Did you benefit from it?”

AKA: “I benefited a lot. Even got paid 10 Million Dollars to pretend I have Covid. Seriously. Not Joking”