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Man Marries S3xdoll In Exotic Wedding Ceremony (Video And Photos)



A Kazakhstani bodybuilder has in a jaw-dropping ceremony, celebrated his 18months marriage anniversary to a s3x doll.

Yuri Tolochko married his s3x doll fiancée, Margo in a traditional ceremony in 2019. The ceremony was graced by dozens of happy guests. He explained that he first met his s3x doll fiancée in a nightclub, and the pair got married shortly after the infamous outbreak of the coronavirus.

Yuri told reporters that their marriage ceremony was delayed twice after he was attacked during a transgender rally in the Kazakh city Almaty on October 31. He noted that the gruesome attack left him with a concussion and a broken nose. In footage of their wedding ceremony, Yuri can be seen smartly dressed in a black dinner suit and a bow tie, basking in smiles, as he dances with his stunning bride in her lacy white gown.

Sharing footage of the unusual celebration on Instagram, the bodybuilder wrote ‘It’s happened. To be continued.’ According to Yuri, his lover Margo has a fiery personality, ‘she swears but there is a tender soul inside.’ In a post of the unconventional pair working out together in the gym, Mr. Tolochko wrote ‘Couples need to talk less and connect more. With time and experience, Margo and I realized that it takes more than words to have a conversation. Your partner sure deserves the best, but they have to do their part.’

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The bodybuilder identifies as a pans3xual and can fall in love with a ‘character, an image, a soul, just a person’. Talking about his s3xual orientation, he explains that he loves BDSM- Bondage and Discipline, Domination and Submission, Sadism and Masochism.

‘I like the process of s3x itself. And gender, s3xual orientation are not particularly important here. Our story turns me on much more than s3x itself. I love being tortured; I can endure a lot of pain. I love to dominate too. Margo is capable of what other people are not capable of.’

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