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High school student stopped going to school because of his beautiful teacher



Student stopped going to school after he wrote a letter to a teacher and this happened.

We are now living in a time where things have changed so fast and school teachers improve the way they dress to look good. A high school student known as Peter confesses that he dropped out of school because of his beautiful teacher.

A high school female teacher has been creating chaos at school by her amazing looks that no one at school can’t stop looking and talking about her. Everywhere this teacher goes she always gets people’s attention by her natural killer beauty.

A grade 11 school boy confesses he dropped out of school as he had a crush on his beautiful teacher and couldn’t focus at school as he was always looking at her. Peter said that he couldn’t tell the teacher how he felt face-to-face and had to write a letter to her. Peter says after sending the letter he stopped going to school for a while because he didint know what would happen at school.

After some days the principal of the school started noticing that Peter was skipping school and had to go and get him to come back to school.The day he came back after school the teacher told him that she read the letter and she likes him but he was too young for her to date him. It was heartbreaking but they both moved on.

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