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Hell breaks loose as side-chick shows up at boyfriend’s wedding; video goes viral



A video of a woman disrupting the wedding ceremony of her supposed boyfriend has gone viral on the internet.
When you’re saying “I do,” it’s a monumental moment in your life and your relationship with your partner.

Hopefully, when you reach the point of deciding to truly settle down with someone, you aren’t putting your “parts” in places they don’t belong.

If you’re with someone long-term (or in acommitted relationship with anyone at all), you shouldn’t be involved with anyone else at all.

But, if you’re about to walk down the aisle and say your vows in front of everyone you know, and, plan to spend the rest of your life with someone–you best not be still sniffing around other women’s panties.

One groom found this out the hard way when his side chick decided to come and crash his wedding ceremony. I’m not kidding–I’m 100% serious.

The wedding ceremony – which was supposed to be a romantic occasion – took an abrupt nosedive and a knockdown, drag-out fight ensued.

Check out the video below: