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#EndSARS: I feel embarrassed to tell my friends from other countries that SARS is under police



The way some SARS operatives have tarnished the image of the country, Nigeria has made me a caricature in the presence of my friends from different countries. I feel ashamed and embarrassed to tell them that such squad as SARS is under our peaceful police force.

I feel embarrassed to tell my friends from other countries that SARS is under police
When a matter of security is brought up in our midsts, I would rather keep quiet than to embarrass myself as it is very obvious that I can’t defend my country. The killings, the bullies and the harassments have gotten to the hearing of people from other countries. This is not a welcomed development.

These people are gradually tarnishing the image of our peaceful country. They are adding to our pains created by Boko Haram. Who should we face now? Boko Haram or SARS? These people have to be stopped because they are not only tarnishing the image of the police force but also the image of the country at large.

They are becoming more or less like terrorists which have to be stopped by all means. Police force is the most peaceful force. That is why we usually say ‘police is your friend’. Let us not allow these people to tarnish our image completely. #EndSARS.
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