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#BBNaija2020: “I Like You Like a Sister”- See Brighto’s response to Wathoni that got people talking



The BB Naija lockdown has been all cruise and fans have continued to enjoy the show. Social media is always buzzing 24/7 as it seems people stay awake till midnight to make sure they don’t miss any intriguing moment..

Well, here’s another moment you might have missed from last night. Wathoni was invited to bed by our very dear Evangelist who’s becoming house favourite faster than expected and the following conversation ensued:

Wathoni: You are very unromantic and you act like you don’t like me.

Brighto: But Wathoni I like you now.

Wathoni: what kind of like?

Brighto: like like now , like a sister.

In essence, it seems we’ll be witnessing another ship soon as Wathoni is trying to shoot her shot with Brighto. Already, there are speculations that Brighto likes Tolanibaj, this became obvious when he was asked who he will evict between her and Prince and he picked Prince.

I really think Wathoni just wants to be loved by someone in the house but it seems Brighto isn’t getting her or he’s just intentionally behaving like he doesn’t understand.