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Man kills pregnant wife, two daughters



In a dramatic twist to what had hitherto been a drama of the absurd , a Colorado man has confessed to killing his pregnant wife and their two daughters .
Pregnant 34 – year – old Shannan Watts and her two daughters were first reported missing on Monday , FoxNews says , and her husband , Chris , had appeared innocent and distraught , begging anyone with information that could lead to their whereabouts to come forward .

Thirty – three – year – old Chris Watts had told reporters earlier on Wednesday that he was traumatised by the disappearance and was hoping for his family ’ s safe return.

Murder victims Shannan Watts and her daughters . Twitter photo : FoxNews /@ mattmauronews

“ It ’ s not something I could ever , ever fathom would happen in my lifetime, and I have no inclination of where she is , ” he said at the time .

Continuing , Chris wailed, “ She said she was going to a friend ’ s house with the kids and that ’ s the last thing I heard , and that was it . It was very vague . ”

When asked if he thought his wife just took off , Watts responded : “ Right now , I don’ t want to just throw anything out there . I hope that she ’ s somewhere safe right now and with the kids .

“ But could she have just taken off ? I don’ t know , but if somebody has her and they’ re not safe , I want them back now . ”

Watts went on to tell horrendous lies that he and his wife “ had an emotional conversation ” the night before her disappearance , saying that he ’ ll “ leave it at that . ” Reporters had asked if they had an argument before the woman allegedly left home .

Watts said he waited impatiently for his family ’ s return , “ with every light in the house on ;” stressing that he had been unable to sleep as he didn ’ t know whether his family was safe or not .

“ I was hoping I would just get run over by the kids running in the door , just barrel rushing me , but it didn ’ t happen , ” he said . “ It was just a traumatic night . ”

When asked about his relationship with his children , Watts said they were “ his life ” and that their “ smiles light up my life . ”

He said he missed telling his kids at dinner that “ you got to eat that or you ’ re not going to get your dessert . ” He also said he missed cuddling with them on the couch . “ It was tearing me apart last night , ” he said .

“ I just want everybody to come home . Wherever they’ re at , come home . That’ s what I want , ” he wailed.

Asked what he would tell his wife and kids if they could hear him , Watts , looking directly into a reporter ’ s camera , said : “ Shannan , Bella , Celeste , if you ’ re out there , just come back .

“ If somebody has her , just bring her back . I just need to see everybody . I need to see everybody again. This house is not complete without anybody here . Please , bring her back . ”

After the two -day drama of the absurd , 33 -year – old Chris Watts confessed on Wednesday to killing his pregnant wife and their two young daughters . His confession came a day after authorities launched an investigation into their mysterious disappearance , reports said .

Chris Watts , 33 , admitted killing 34 – year -old Shanann Watts , who was 15 weeks pregnant , and daughters Celeste , 3 , and Bella , 4 .

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