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Nigerians React To Fr. Mbaka’s Latest Prophecy On Buhari & Lawmakers



Following warning of impending doom for President Muhammadu Buhari and lawmakers by Father Mbaka, Nigerians have reacted.
Nigerians have reacted following the latest prophecy by the Spiritual Director, Adoration Ministry, Enugu Nigeria, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka concerning President Muhammadu Buhari and lawmakers.

The prophecy has stirred controversies on social media.

The fiery priest had on Sunday during a sermon at the Adoration ground, Enugu state, warned President Buhari and members of the federal legislature of impending doom.

He advised the President to travel to Rome where he would seek God’s forgiveness for the blood of men of God and innocent men, women and children killed under his watch.

Mbaka said there will be disaster if highly and lowly-placed leaders in the country failed to ask God for forgiveness.

In response, some Nigerians took to their Twitter handles to express divergent opinions on the prophecy.

Some criticised the Catholic priest for condemning Buhari after pledging support and describing Buhari as the messiah in 2015.

This is how Nigerians reacted in these tweets compiled by DailyPost:

@Lola_Ojomo “Good advise Rev Mbaka and you failed to add that they should bring a large bag of money along so you could get your share like Ayo Oritshejefor.”

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@Duks_OG “Ask Reverend father Mbaka whether Angel Gabriel among the Angels that are warming up for Buhari.Can we just chill about prophesy this ,prophesy that and face this University of life squarely….. This was his fav Mcm.”

@Obioha_Chibuike “It’s either Mbaka is fake, or God is confused. But it’s definitely one of the two above. Was Buhari not suppose to be the messiah ? In 2015 Mbaka basically campaigned for Buhari.”

@Killz09 “No be the same Mbaka wey talk say na buhari be the solution to our problems?

@IamOD_Sit “Anyway, I applaud Rev Mbaka for speaking against what is going on in the country, unlike daddy GOs who keep sitting on the fence to look objective. Being subjective is never a crime. Let’s talk truth to power when needed.”

@Agorasblog “Mbaka was one of the gullible creatures that supported Buhari and APC. If Mbaka is truly a “man of God,” he (and his fake prophesy) should have realised that Buhari is a charlatan and wouldn’t deliver what he promised.”

@OD_Sit “It’s people like Rev Mbaka who made a lot not believe in “God says” anymore. You say God says this and that, but when things go south, you later turn around to condemn what you previously said endorsed before. Doesnt God see the future?

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@Emanstone “Mbaka is shamelessly trying frantically to redeem his battered prophecy image. He’s already tainted.”

@Madukovic “Even Father Mbaka has recanted. The coming days will be interesting in Nigeria.”