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39 year old Wife, Shekirat dumps 72 year old Husband over s*x



 A 39 year old house wife simply identified as Mrs. Shekirat has allegedly dumped her 72 year old husband who was identified as Baba Kudirat, after she made up her mind that she could no longer cope with the marriage due to his weak performance in bed.

Our news correspondent gathered that the embittered Shekirat abandoned her three children and her husband to move out of their matrimonial home, and had not returned since she moved.

The incident happened at Sanusi Street in Ejigbo where they lived before she absconded.

 According to their neighbours, Shekirat was heard complaining that whenever she attempted to touch her husband at night, he will complain that he was tired and will not attend to her which left her frustrated.

It was gathered that Shekirat had complained bitterly to the husband but he did not change and so she decided to abandon him and their children and move out of their matrimonial home in search of new love.

Our reporter learnt that Baba Kudirat had gone to their village in Osun State, married Shekirat some years ago, brought her to Lagos and they started living together as husband and wife.

It was not confirmed if Baba as he was popularly known in the area had married before he brought Shekirat and had the three children with her. The eldest of their children was about eight years old.

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 The couple had the age difference of about 33 years and Baba was a well known bricklayer in the area despite his age.

When our correspondent visited Baba at his house, he confirmed that his wife dumped him and the children, and since then she had not returned.

He lamented his frustration in taking care of the children which he said was telling on him and that he would not mind if his wife can come and pick them.

When he was asked about his wife having to complain that he refused sleeping with her in the nights and that was why she dumped him. He replied that she should have known that he was no longer young and should not expect him to respond every time she needed his attention.

He further explained that he was a bricklayer and after the day’s work, he usually got home tired and may not have strength to attend to her. He added that he did not completely abandon her as she claimed.

Baba said that he had reported her to her family and they promised to talk to her but since then he had not seen her.

 Some of their neighbours who spoke on the matter said that Shekirat should have looked for alternative instead of abandoning the old man and the children when they needed her most.

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