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I Love D**k Too Much – Huddah Monroe Tells Lesbian Women Sending Her DMs



Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe has taken a swipe at lesbians after warning them to stop disturbing her with their messages as she is not a lesbian and neither is she bisexual.

“Oh and for those who keeping asking on my DM! I don’t do women! I am not bisexual! I love d**k too much,” she wrote.



The ex-BBA star had in the past made controversial comments after revealing that she wouold rather buy a dildo than date a broke man. Many people lambasted her saying she is the type of woman that can do anything for money.


“Some Kenyan women love keeping fuck boys – I pray for you’ll. I pray I never be one of them. They never appreciate. I’d rather buy a dildo or a s*x doll,” she added.

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