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I Cried The Day I Heard My Ex-Husband Remarried – Nollywood Actress, Biodun Okeowo



​Biodun Okeowo is a proud mom of two teens- a boy and a girl and she never jokes with them. And we mean never. They are her first priorities. However,, in a fresh interview with the Sun, the mother of two has said she has found love again after parting ways with the father of her children. She also admitted she cried the day she heard he remarried.

According to her, she didn’t cry because he remarried, because he had wanted them back but she refused, but she cried knowing he paid another woman’s dowry, while her own family begged him to pay hers when they were together but he refused. Here’s what she told the news platform about finding love again and how she never misses her ex.

Talking about your man, we heard from a reliable source that you are already married but very discreet, how true is that?

(Laughs) Okay, I am not. But when I do it is going to be very discreet. But I will keep you posted. Continue…

But you must have performed some rights in secret because looking into your eyes we can see you are deeply in love…

Yes-oo! I won’t lie about that. I am deeply in love. But I haven’t tied the knots yet. But very soon I will and it is going to be very private.

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Any regrets leaving your ex-husband?

I don’t regret leaving my ex. In fact, I don’t feel anything for him anymore. No pains and no regrets. He tried to get us back but I just couldn’t. The only day I felt bad and cried was the day I heard he had remarried. That he actually paid someone else’s bride price because in my case, my family members were begging him to come and pay mine.

What are you looking out for in your future husband?

Trust and God; the man must be God fearing. Any marriage that has sincere trust and God will survive. The problem with actresses and their spouses is lack of trust. They feel whenever you step out for weeks for a shoot, some funny things must happened. The media too is not helping matters. They cook up all kinds of stories and your partner might swallow it hook, line and sinker. In fact, there was this story I read about myself that my ex chased me out of his house because of infidelity. I was surprised because such a thing never happened. If it did, he wouldn’t have come back begging to reconcile with me. I never cheated on my ex for once. I might be temperamental but I am not a cheat. Those kinds of fake news break homes.

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