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PHOTOS: Thai Woman Cuts Off Husband’s Male Organ For Cheating On Her With Close Friend



Thai News reports that a woman in Pattaya, Thailand discovered her husband was cheating on her with her close and trusted friend, so she pretended to be extra nice to him in order to get retribution.
How it happened;
The enraged woman named Ann who sells fried chicken managed to subdue her anger and spoke to her husband, Somchai gently and began stroking and fondling his manhood. Then when he became stiff, she took out a box cutter and angrily attacked his peen.
When medics arrived, they found the man in twitching and screaming in agony with an ice compress held to his privates outside their rented room in Soi Nern Plab Wan.
Though the peen was still attached but only by a thin skin and covered in much blood. After emergency first aid the Bangkok man was rushed to Banglamung Hospital with his wife Ann in tow.
Ann who is a native of Kamphaengphet told medics from the Sawang Boriboon foundation that she had found out that her husband had been cheating on her with a trusted close friend. She decided to repay him when on Tuesday morning she tricked and got him in the mood by stroking his manhood after which she attacked him when he was erect with a box cutter. She became alarmed when he was screaming and howling, and there was blood all over the bed, she had to call medics.
Doctors stated that Somchai had lost a lot of blood and would need close supervision. It was too early to ascertain whether he would regain full use of his peen as there was brutal psychological trauma to contend with as well as the injury itself.

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