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Photos Of Seven Children Of 2face Idibia With Different Baby Mamas



Those who thought they had heard the last of 2face and his babymama dramas might have to think again after today’s bombshell of an allegation that Annie had been restricting 2baba from seeing her eternal rival, Pero Adeniyi and his three kids with her.
While his legendary attraction to ladies might have been exaggerated sometimes, his past romance with three particular women Pero, Annie and Sumbo all yielded beautiful kids the African Queen crooner is proud of.
Here are his baby mamas and their children in pictures.
ANNIE IDIBIA: Before 2baba proposed and got married to Annie Idibia, she was only one of the trinity of baby mamas. She however emerged as the chosen one who got the ring.
SUMBO AJABA: Sumbo is the one of the three who has maintained the lowest profile as she wasted no time in marrying someone else when it became obvious that 2baba, her baby daddy was never going to walk down the aisle with her.
PERO ADENIYI: Pero must have felt really hard done when 2baba elected to marry Annie.
After all, she was the one who had not one or two but three kids for the so called father of all nation.
She, however, accepted the decision without much fuss with her three jewels more than enough to show for her emotional investment in the legendary pop star.

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