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OMG! Doctors Remove Over 200 Nails From 15-Year Old Boy’s Stomach In China (Photos)



A 15-year-old boy from China’s Jiangxi province has had more than 200 nails removed from his stomach after allegedly eating them over the space of a month. He was taken to hospital after complaining of stomach pains and doctors discovered the nails after a CT scan.
The teenager told his parents that he was suffering from a stomach ache which appeared to be worsening.
However his parents thought he had just caught a cold. They decided to take their son to hospital where doctors took a CT scan of his stomach. Doctors were shocked when they found the boy’s stomach full of nails.
They undertook surgery to remove more than 200 nails and also found toothpicks, rocks and coins weighing one and a half pounds.
Medical staff at the hospital say they haven’t seen anything like it before.
The boy then revealed that he had been eaten the nails for around a month.
The boy could be suffering from Pica, a disorder where the person compulsively eats foreign objects such as stones, paint, metal and glass.

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