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''Hypocritical Nigerian Men Used My Viral B00b Photo To Masturbate' – Anita Joseph



Popular Nollywood actress, Anita Joseph, is blessed with a figure to die for. Babe recently released a bosom photo that incurred the wrath of many and had friends and foes unapologetically bash her on the Internet.
Well, in a recent chat with Saturday Beats, Anita says she didn’t care about the negative comments she got because she believed most of the men who abused her got turned on just by looking at her photo.
“I just joined Instagram in April and I have been very active. I am aware that a picture I posted that showed my cleavage attracted a lot of attention. Some Nigerians are hypocrites and pretenders. A lot of them used that picture to masturbate and feel good,
yet condemn it. The last time I checked, my bosom are still strong and beautiful.”
According to the endowed actress, the picture was not even a recent one and her intention was not to tease men with it.
“I did not post the picture to tease men. I took that picture December 2015 while I was filming at Lekki. The weather was very hot, so I decided to take the picture. I was very tired that day and you can see it on my face. One day, I innocently uploaded it and by the time I checked my phone again, I had so many messages. I got calls from my friends; some liked it and others did not. At first, I wanted to remove it but when I saw all the comments, both positive and negative, I decided to leave the picture. As far as you don’t pay my bills, you have no right to tell me what to do. Only one man will tell me to take the picture down and I will because he pays my bills. He is the one to be obeyed,” she said.
When probed further about the identity of the mystery man, the only information the actress divulged was that they had been dating for a long time. The actress also thanked her sister for her new look.
“I go to the gym very often now. Keeping fit is the new trend. It is sexy and it has to become my lifestyle. My elder sister is into fitness and wellness and she got me back into shape. I go to the gym about three times in a week but whenever I am involved in a project, I exercise in my room before I go to work,” she said.
When asked what her man feels about her new look, she said he was sceptical at first.
“At first, he did not like the idea but when I finished, he loved it. He did not want me to lose my ‘endowments’ in the process,” the actress said.

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