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My Husband is Incapable to Perform- Woman Laments



She said: “My husband’s mother and brothers are controlling our home.
“If we discuss anything, my husband will first go to his family to consult with them, what they say will be my husband’s final decision.
“I am just like a maid, my decision is always rejected. In fact, I don’t have a say in my matrimonial home.’’
Anna also told the court that her husband was a drunk.
“My husband always spends his salary with his brothers at a beer parlour and after drinking to stupor, he will be staggering and falling into the gutter.
“He urinates and messes up everywhere in our flat whenever he is drunk and most times, he beats me without reason,” she said.
Anna accused her husband, who has failed to appear in court after receiving several summons, of being an irresponsible husband and father.
“When my daughter fainted when she had fever, I called my husband to come home so that we could take her to the hospital, he said that he was in a beer joint and that he could not come.
“He does not sleep at home most times as he stays with his brothers or mother as if he still sucks her breasts.
“He always tells me that nothing can separate him and his family.
“I pay the house rent and the children’s school fees because my husband refused to pay,” she said.
NAN reports that Anna claimed her husband asked her to go to his village for spiritual cleansing.
“My husband is forcing me to go to his village for cleansing; I don’t just understand what the cleansing is all about.
“Two of my husband’s elder brothers’ wives had gone to the village for cleansing, they died few days after returning to Lagos.
“I am afraid because I don’t want to die now,” she said.
The petitioner presented a text message sent to her by her husband that she should go to his village for cleansing and that he would not appear in court for any dissolution.
The court president, Mr Adegboyega Omilola, ordered the court bailiff to serve the respondent again and adjourned the case to June 28 for mediation.
In the same vein, a 17-year-old marriage between a transporter, Haruna Amunikoro, and his wife, Alimotu, has been dissolved by a Lagos Island customary court on Wednesday, May 25, after the husband complained that his wife built a house without informing him.
According to Vanguard, Awos Awosola, the court president granting the husband’s request, said that the effort of the court to reconcile the parties had failed, as Amunikoro insisted on divorce.
The court president ruled: “The marriage between the two parties is hereby dissolved with effect from today in accordance with the Lagos State Customary Court Law, 2011, Order 3, Rule 7, as amended.
“The custody of the first child and only son, Anus, 15, is awarded to the father while that of the two girls, Simiyat, 10; and Aishat, 7, remains with the wife.
“The petitioner should pay the children’s feeding allowances of N10,000 on a monthly basis through this honourable court and should also be responsible for the children school and hospital bills.
“However, both parties are granted unhindered access to the child/children at any reasonable time of the day’.
Awosola also ordered the petitioner to give the respondent N250,000 compensation within seven days of the judgment with which to start her new life.

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