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My Experience in FCMB Banking Hall (Poor Customer Care Representatives)



Got to Enugu and decided to visit my FCMB branch located at Presidential Road 4 Presidential Avenue, Nkpokiti Junction Enugu to update my account phone number since I haven’t got time to do that in Lagos.
When I worked into the banking hall I went to the customer service. Getting there I could see lots of people standing, no chair for even the aged customers. Ok I didn’t complain, on a closer look I realise that the two ladies behind the desk (won’t call there names) but that won’t stop me from describing them. One is dark but have a painted red lips like someone who …., the second one with shiny yellow skin colour, both with dull customers care attitude.
What these two girls does is chew gum and gossip while customers lament and shout. After the customer must have finished they will just laugh at him as if he’s stupid.
After seeing their nonchalant attitude I still went ahead to call on them, I said “hello” like three times before they answered me, I told them that I want to update my account phone number. The yellow one said Ok and went back to her gisting. After waiting for a while I called them again and she said I should go over there and pick a form and fill.
I went pick the form filled it and gave it to her she collected it and went back to her business which is gisting. After waiting for like 1hr 30 minutes. And not been attended to. Not just me the fact was that nobody was been attended to for no reason. People came and left without their problem being resolved.
After a long time of waiting and talking I left the bank in anger. When I was leaving one of the security guy said I shouldn’t mind them that that’s all they know how to do gist…he equally revealed that many people come there without their problem being resolved.
I think FCMB (First City Monument Bank) should look into their customer service. Cus I believe not just me but anybody who have been to that branch can testify to this. Thanks

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