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It's Better To Have Sex With A Friend Than A Lover – Gussy Baby



Mabel Green a.k.a Gussy Baby is a budding singer who has everything going for her, the looks, voice and charisma. She is the kind of artiste that sets strict rules for herself and ready to stick to them. Gussy was part of Project Fame Season 9. Since then, she has continued to pursue her passion for music relentlessly. She talks about music, her love life and more in this interview:
How did an Estate surveyor go into music?
I have been doing music right from when I was young. I started singing at age 5 as a chorister in my church till a certain age. In fact, I also went for MTN Project Fame Season 9 and got into the academy.
At what point were you evicted?
I was evicted from the house with two yes and a no from the judges.
Which year did you take music as a profession?
I took music as a profession in 2003 but because I had no producer and promoter, I wasn’t noticed. But fortune smiled at me in 2006 when I started producing.
What made you change to hiphop since you started from the church?
I didn’t deviate from the church. I am not a gospel artiste but I won’t do a song that is totally against my relationship with God. There are some certain things I can’t sing about. For example, sex. I am from a Christian background and I won’t want to sing about sex. I can’t sing about having a crush on a guy in my song. Even if I have to sing about love, it won’t go in that direction. However, I just don’t want to be tagged a gospel musician. It is not as if Christian music is bad but whatever song I am writing should portray God. I will say I am an inspirational and secular musician.
Why not gospel music?
I never said I couldn’t do gospel music but I am more of an Afro hiphop singer. And that also connotes that I don’t only do dance-hall music. My music will always have a story to tell.
What is new on your plate?
I have two singles “Carry me go and Super star’’and one collabo. ‘Carry me go’ is about my experiences in the industry. The message is just telling the public that if you like my music, buy into it and if not, let it go. My journey in the industry has been rough. Life is not a bed of roses anyway. I have a show coming up in Portharcourt.
How do you intend to be noticed in this competitive industry?
I want to ensure I don’t do what other artistes are doing. I want to be very creative while shooting my music videos and making my sounds less heavy. These days, many artiste concentrate more on their beats and sounds making the lyrics suffer.
Talking of your music video, do we also expect to see a bit of your cleavage, boobs as mostly promoted in our videos?
Not at all. I will promote African dressing and our culture. Our culture frowns at indecent dressing. Wearing anything shorter than a bum short is something I don’t want to do.
Are you saying you can’t do bikini?
Personally, hell no, unless that is enforced by my producer. I will only like to flaunt my shoulders and legs. I am not a fan of indecent dressing.
Do you think this will sell your brand in the Nigerian market?
Yes, it will sell with good music. It depends on your push and your mindset. If you are determined that you can make it, you will go far in the music industry.
What is your opinion of Cynthian Morgan’s music?
She is simple and loves to do crazy things. She is nice.
Can we expect something like that from you?
Not really , I will rather be doing something different.
Memorable performances?
2015 and 2016 have been my memorable years as an artiste. I was the only artiste who performed at a certain beauty pageant. It’s one of my biggest achievements so far.
What does love mean to you?
I don’t love to talk about love. I suffered heartbreak from my last relationship. Most guys are not satisfied with being in a single relationship, so they tend to move from one lady to another. Some men believe we have many ladies around so they want to have a feel of all. For now, I have made up my mind not to love. I am very emotional when it comes to matters of the heart. I am finding it difficult to trust men again.
Don’t you think you need to find love again?
You can never tell. I have not been in a relationship for two years now and I am happy. I can boldly say I am not dating anybody.
So, you have not had sex in two years?
I have had sex just two times in two years. It is better to have sex and not be in a relationship than to be in a relationship where you have sex and you end up being heartbroken. That’s bad. The person I had sex with is my childhood friend.

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