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Immediate Past Ambassador To South Africa Assassinated, Thrown Out From 3rd Floor



Immediate-past Nigerian High Commissioner to South Africa, Ambassador S.S Yusuf, was murdered in the early hours of yesterday by yet-to-be identified assassins.
According to an eyewitness, Oche Andrew who spoke to our correspondent when he visited the scene of the incident in Zone 6 District of Abuja, the former ambassador was thrown out through the balcony of his apartment by the four assailants who broke into his house at about 2am on Monday night.
The eyewitness said he was thrown out from the third floor of the apartment. He added that as the time the unfortunate incident happened, the late diplomat was alone.
“We woke up this morning only to find the body of the man lying lifeless. That was when I overhead neighborhoods saying that some people broke into his apartment midnight. They threw him out through the balcony and he died right there,” the eyewitness, Andrew told Daily Sun.
Speaking to Daily Sun, a relative of the deceased, Mrs Yemi Adebisi Kuti, said her brother was assassinated. She alleged that the assailants who carried out the killing did not tamper with anything in her brother’s apartment.
“My brother was born in 1957. He was the immediate-past ambassador to South Africa. All I can say is that he was murdered. The people that broke into his apartment did not take anything with them. They did not even tamper with the smallest item in the house. They just came and carried out their assignment,” she said.
Late Ambassador Yusuf hailed from Niger.

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