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" I Took Her Virginity But I Don't Love Her"- Confused Guys Speaks Out



We got this mail from a reader:
Dear Edujandon.com readers,
My name is ishaya. there is dis young beautiful nd a religious lady here who luv and care for me,she does anything i want her doing,she respects me like i am her father.if she doesn’t do things i dont like.she dont put on make-up cos i stop her.
She embarrasses anyman who try cumin close to her,sum-times i wil tel her dat y does she send away guys,she wil tel me that i am ok for ha. the truth is,i don’t luv her,i don’t feel 4 her. she gives me money but she is not fyn.
There are different ladies trying to date me,but her own is worst.she is the kind of lady any-man wil want. we Are far 4m eachother she is in bauchi and i am in zaria nw.
I am the kind of man who luv having sex all the tym,but i dont ask her 4 sex 4 one thing,there was a time i ask her 4 sex and she refused,i got angry, left her in my frnds rum,she called me and told me she never want to see me sad nd opened her legs 4 me and tears rum down her eyes,on the process of putting my mr man in her honeypot,i found out she is a virgin,since then,i dont know hw 2 tell ha dat i dont luv her.
What should i do ?

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