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How to Fix 'Network Error' In Blogger App, Failed to Publish Issue Solution



Any blogger using Google blogger platform must have noticed that after publishing several post for the day using the blogger application for android, at a point when you try publishing new post you start seeing “Network Error” Failed to Publish.
The reason why you are seeing this is probably because you must have published enough post for the day that Google start seeing you as a robot.
Now over to the solution;
The good thing about this solution is that it doesn’t require you going to use a laptop or desktop! Now follow the steps below
1). Download Google Crome on your mobile phone.
2). Visit through the Google Crome browser on your Android device and click on ‘new post’.
3). When you try to publish you will see a captcha verification message “verify you are not a robot
4). Follow the prompt select all images as required.
5). Publish the rest of the post for the day till you stop seeing the verification prompt.
6). Once you stop seeing the verification prompt you can now go back to your blogger app and continue your blogging.
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Enjoy! Happy blogging!

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