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"I Have Never Used My School Certificate"- OAP Freeze



Yesterday, June 5, 2016 popular singer, Brymo revealed he doesn’t think an education is important and so does Cool FM OAP, Freeze. It all started after a fan begged Brymo to help with his tuition and the singer gave a terse reply that sent social media into a frenzy.
“School is not for everyone. Just drop out and chase your dreams. It’s what I did,”
Brymo said.
His reply however earned the ‘Klitoris’ singer a lot of criticism, but he has a strong voice jumping to his defense in the person of Freeze.
Fans accuse Brymo of misleading (Twitter)
“Brymo is right, the lad doesn’t need school to be successful,”
Daddy Freeze took to his Instagram page yesterday, June 5, 2016, in defence of Brymo adding,
“I got an education because my learned parents wanted me to, I have never needed it.”
Known for his controversial comments, the award winning media personality then launched into a talk about how “sheep mentality ” is ridding Nigeria of innovation.
Freeze at the tallest residential building event in Lagos. He also took time to list popular people who dropped out of Western schools. Freeze is well known for not shying away from controversy, with the OAP always expressing his views regardless of the unpopularity of such.

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