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Confessional Story of Repentant Boko Haram Members Who Killed Thousands of Nigerians



Two hardened Boko Haram members who were involved in the slaughter and killing of thousands of innocent Nigerians have now repented and in a confessional statement lauded the government for taking care of them.
Two deadly members of Boko Haram who killed thousands of innocent Nigerians before surrendering and are now being rehabilitated have urged their members still in the forest to come out and surrender.
Zanna Mustapha and Bulama Buka who are now repentant shared they experiences. They revealed that they were forced to commit many atrocities against the teachings of Islam. Mustapha said Boko Haram is so bad they slaughter even their muslim brothers. He called on other Boko Haram members to surrender.

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