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Chinese Lawyer Allegedly Beaten By Policemen For Refusing To Handover His Phone (Photos)



A Chinese lawyer was allegedly molested in court after refusing to handover his phone. An association of lawyers in China have requested an investigation over the alleged assault in a courtroom by police officers.
The lawyer, Wu Liangshu claims that he was beaten by court policemen on June 3 after his request to file a case in a district court in Nanning, Guangxi province was rejected. Wu was pictured with his shirt ripped open, trousers completely torn and his underwear showing.
Wu claims that the violence broke out when he refused to hand over his mobile phone for inspection at Qingxiu District Court. He said that he used his phone to record a conversation with court officials in the petition office. Wu says he was beaten by three court policemen while the judge was watching.
Almost 1,000 lawyers have signed a letter which was later posted online calling for the court to release surveillance footage from the court room.

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