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LMAO! Kenya Bans Donkeys From Entering Town Unless They Wear Nappies (Photos)



All Donkeys have been banned from entering Wajir, a town in north-eastern part of Kenya unless they wear nappies, a statement from Kenya authorities said on Thursday.
According to BBC reports, the authorities in Wajir said that the rule is aimed at protecting the town’s newly laid tarmac road.
The new road, which is the only tarmac road in Wajir town, was built last year and is 27km long.
The nappy notice, which was issued on Monday and came into affect on Thursday, stated that donkey-cart owners must manage their animal’s faeces “to avoid poop all over the tarmac road creating nuisance”.
The notice read: � it says.
In view of the above you are directed to manage your donkey poop (faeces)…. No donkey will be allowed in town without this poop-collecting bag.”
It is said that several cart owners are complying, as some even took to social media to share tips on how to attach nappy sacks.
It was learnt that a similar order was issued in Limuru, about 50km north-west of the capital, Nairobi, in 2007 but it was never put into practice.

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