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HELP! My Girlfriend Always Insists on Wearing Waist Beads When We Make Love



This just came in, and I just had to post it on here to know what you guys think:
Dear Readers
My girlfriend came visiting yesterday and we spent the day together because of the Biafra disturbance. For the past one month or so, there is something about her that i didnt understand. She traveled to her aunts place at Kwara state and since she came back, she always wears beads of different colours and I have been asking her why but she is not saying anything tangible until yesterday. She told me that its fashion. but i dont really understand a fashion that will still be hidden under a cloth and why is she wearing 7rolls. i am scared to even touch the bead because i have heard that they may be diabolic. I asked her to remove it when we wanted to make love but she refused. I had to forget the whole thing because I really dont understand her motive or intentions anymore or who gave her the bead and for what purpose. My friend told me that women use it to trap men and take their destiny. Pls i want to know if anybody knows what it does and why girls wear this and for what purpose. thanks

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