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Checkout Uti Nwachukwu's View On Teebillz & Tiwa Savage's Marital Crisis



Read what he posted on intagram below…….
The insensitivity, hypocrisy and down right judgemental attitude displayed about the Teebillz and Tiwa issue is utterly disgusting and extremely heart wrenching.

First of I’ve overheard and read comments from different people having the audacity to actually Choose sides!!! WOW! Who made u Judge and Jury?! This is a Holy Matrimony we are talking about here. and you open up your mouths and say what ever u deem worthy to spill out ?! ‘Oh Teebillz did dis and shouldn’t do this. Tiwa did this and shouldn’t do that. Bla bla Blaa!!!

Then some of u make jokes! Memes! About the demise of someone’s marriage ?!! You actually point fingers and call names and sadly some of you are laughing and rejoicing over this?

You think it’s okay to use this and express reasons why you are not married ? Really ?! BE SENSITIVE!!!! The thing about life is whatever you sow. U will reap!
More disappointing is fellow entertainment Personalities actually adding salt to the open wounds!!! You guys should understand what’s it like to go thru a public storm! Then let’s see how funny or interesting this will be to you whn ur storm comes.
To everyone reading this I dare say : This could be you!! Could be ur parents! Could be your Sister or Brother! .

Did some of you even sit down to try and fathom what could possibly be going on in their heads right now ?! Their families? Yeh I know some of you will make uppity statements like this will never happen to me , I will never do this ! I won’t try that. Not my family. God forbid!

Well newsflash! Every single family will experience a ‘God Forbid’ incident whether they like it or not! It could be anything! We don’t choose what happens to us or our family members. It just happens. And Trust me when I say this. NONE OF U WILL EVER KNOW WHAT IT FEELS LIKE TO WALK IN THE SHOES OF TIWA OR TEEBILLZ. NONE!! So Hold your peace and discuss behind closed doors and air ur opinions in the privacy of ur spaces. Be SENSITIVE.

Some have the effrontery to say they are making snide remarks and jokes because they are! Do u know what it means to be a fanatic?! It means love&support regardless of whatever happens.
You should never kick anyone while they are down. Never !!! WHAT some of you don’t know or have failed to realise is that the FAMILY/MARRIAGE INSTITUTION is under HEAVY ATTACK!! YES that’s definitely the new strategy of the Devil! Recognise !!! So don’t be so quick to rejoice over someone else’s demise….BE SENSITIVE!

Teebillz and Tiwa are personal and close friends of mine. Neighbours in 1004 since 2011. I watched the relationship blossom and even started teasing them about the Love before they went public with it. Now with the recent happenings my heart aches deeply. Every quiet moment I have away from work and play. I think of them and I do what people who claim they Love others do….I pray for both of them! Which is what I would implore and Beg you all reading this to Do. Let God heal. Let God comfort. Let HIS perfect will be done. Let God restore and compensate. Let both of them find Happiness Peace Love strength and Joy.
NIGERIANS. AFRICANS please Have a heart and BE SENSITIVE Towards ALL PERSONAL ISSUES. YES Entertainers are public personalities but guess what. They hurt. They bleed . They cry. YES THEY ARE MADE OF FLESH AND BLOOD JUST LIKE YOU. Rejoicing over their sadness will not add an atom of success progress or Inner Joy to your lives. …BE SENSITIVE!
S storms? There’s always a silver lining and the sunshine is always Next. God bless Tiwa and TeeBillz
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