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WTF! Two Men Drop Dead After Taking S3xual Enhancing Drug



Two men have dropped dead after taking a s*x enhancing drug to make them perform better during s*x. It was a bit of drama though as a man dropped dead after drinking the herbs. However, to prove that the man might not have died after taking the herb, the man selling it also took it and minutes later dropped dead.
 For many years Aaron Mahlo (64) has dug and sold a herb called tshikwane, which is known as Sepedi viagra, exactly as his grandfather taught him.
For many years his customers praised its effectiveness. They confirmed Aaron’s claim that the herb helps with cleansing men and giving them a sexual boost to satisfy their partners in bed. But things turned bitter and ugly last week when three of his clients started getting sick after taking tshikwane mixed with mbamba.
The trio were at a tavern in Mo Ngwaneng Village, outside Turfloop, Limpopo when they drank the drink and immediately complained of stomach cramps. The trio were taken to a local hospital where one of them, James Sehlapelo (64), died.
Last Wednesday the community got angry, accusing Aaron of giving the men poisonous tshikwane. A community representative, Mogala Mampa, witnessed what happened when Aaron insisted that he should also drink the mixture.
“He said his products are not harmful because he has always sold them to people with sexual problems and they were happy with the results,” said Mogala. “He even insisted in front of everyone that he would take the tshikwane to prove it doesn’t kill.” So villagers brought him the traditional beer which he mixed with the herbs and drank – but then things went wrong.
“A few minutes later he started vomiting. He complained of severe stomach cramps,” said Mogala.
“We called the police and he died a few hours later in hospital.” They had not forced Aaron to drink the tshikwane. “ We just wanted him to explain to us how sure he was that his drink wasn’t harmful, ” he said.
Aaron’s niece, Kedibone Mahlo, said her uncle has been selling tshikwane for years and no one had ever complained.
“I’m surprised that he was accused of making harmful mixtures. We are hurt by his death.”
William Kgatle (68), one of the clients who survived, said: “When he advertised his tshikwane to us he said it was strong and would help me satisfy my wife in bed. “But I nearly died because I started feeling pain in my tummy and vomiting at the same time. I no longer believe this herb works.” Mankweng police spokeswoman Constable Mosima Makgaba said: “We have opened two inquests and are investigating them. “We are appealing to the community not to eat or drink things they don’t know.“We advise those who have taken the drink to visit their nearest hospital if they experience any pain.”
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